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Carbonless Laser Paper - Paper/cards

NCR (no carbon required), like the name suggests, have abolished the obligation for carbon paper between sheets to create several duplicates of the identical form. A user would write on the frontage of the form, with pressure or impact, and the compression from the writing or printing would cause the carbon from each sheet of carbon paper to image on the piece of paper underneath it. A sturdy cover wrap retains the booklet's decency and can be interleaved between forms to avoid transfer when concluding the form. Carbonless Copy Paper can be printed on in black and white or color, your pad can be custom-made with your logo, and any specific forms or layout that you may require.

What are NCR forms used for? • Bills of Lading • Invoices • Pick Tickets• Work Orders • Patient Record Forms • Medical Claims Forms • Purchase Orders • Daily Reports • Packing Slips Memos • Custom Perforations • Custom-sized Forms • Application Forms • statements • mechanics

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